The World of the American West

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Pioneers, Spaniards, frontiersmen, trappers, soldiers, outlaws, Native Americans collide in the American West. Apr 23, Scott rated it really liked it. Great read, and a good intro into the American West.

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Not an exhaustive study or history of the era, but good starting point and pretty much all you need, if you just have a passing interest in the subject. The book does focus alot on Native Americans and their wars and interaction with the settlers, soliders and ranchers. Overall a facinating glimpse into a facinating era of American history. Dec 15, Eric Molicki rated it really liked it Shelves: history. We head out west in a month and this has provided a good general 30k foot overview of western history.

The writing is dated, but the photos are excellent and the right amount of detail is given most of the time to keep the flow moving. Dec 23, Sherri Anderson rated it it was ok. What a snooze. Hard to keep awake reading this book. A few interesting facts but it was the stories never heard before about famous people that kept me going what?

Where did you get that fact. Made me wonder how much was made up. This western primer tells the stories of Native Americans, settlers, cowboys, miners, and ranchers. The narrative explains in a straightforward manner the conflicts, struggles, and conquests that led to settlement of the West.

This was a really interesting read, stripping away something of the mythology of the pioneering west as filtered through folk tales and Hollywood. Very enjoyable read, and looking forward to more of the same. Oct 07, Cathy rated it really liked it. Really liked my first foray into American history, but just as I was getting interested in a particular subject the next chapter would go elsewhere. This I found a little frustrating.

Will read more from this Author in the future. Apr 29, Jeroen in UK rated it really liked it Shelves: historic-non-fiction , travel. Very interesting book and a nice compliment to the other Wild West book I just read. Can wait for this Summer. Apr 19, Ryan rated it it was amazing. I love Dee Brown books. They are very well written in the way that you can really imagine what it must have been like to live during an era of American expansion into the West.

Dec 03, Gerardo Bastian rated it it was amazing.

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I like the theme of this book is an unparalleled history Where it has an unexpected outcome very good. May 09, Leo rated it liked it. It seemed a bit thin and lacking in momentum. Dec 04, Erick rated it it was amazing. I like this book because it deals with the story but my striking is complicated because I remember the story. Dec 26, Dan Sullivan marked it as own-these-books Shelves: hardback. I use this book as a text for my History of the West course that I teach in a high school setting.

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Brown covers much of the experiences with a wealth of photos. Dec 03, Ramona rated it it was amazing. Is really nice to read entertaining and interesting books has fascinated me from beginning to end. Jul 15, Marie Grassick rated it it was ok. A book of lists without passion for the subject.

Great introduction on the American West history. In the end you think how America can preach Democracy and Freedom knowing what they did to the Indians. Jan 12, Jarred rated it it was amazing. Vividly written book that covers the major stories and themes of the history of the American West.

Lots of history in one book! Oct 28, John Scaife rated it liked it. Nov 19, Bonnie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dee Brown makes American history interesting and exciting.

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His books - both fiction and non-fiction primarily concentrate on frontier history. Brown researches extensively for his books - culling the best of many publications. Then, he writes a simple entertaining summary of the times. He uses quotes that capture the character of the frontier life, old photographs and detailed maps of the changing cultural and politi Dee Brown makes American history interesting and exciting. He uses quotes that capture the character of the frontier life, old photographs and detailed maps of the changing cultural and political landscape.

Brown again casts a sympathetic eye on the Native Americans who fought to keep their land - and the many wars with the settlers, gold-seekers, ranchers and a growing country being tied together by the railroads. Readers also enjoyed.

North American Hi About Dee Brown. Dee Brown. Brown was born in Louisiana and grew up in Arkansas. He worked as a reporter and a printer before enrolling at Arkansas State Teachers College, where he met his future wife, Sally Stroud. Your details will not be passed onto any third parties. Travel Inspiration. Top 10 Wild West towns in America. Sign Up Now. Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr.

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London: Beadle and Company, Dime Novels 57 Hamilton Holmes. Old Rube, the Hunter. Or, the Crow Captive. A Tale of the Great Plains. Harry Hazelton. New York: Starr, Dime Novels Roger Starbuck. Dime Novels J. Thomas Warren. Starr, Dime Novels Edward Willett. The Vicksburg Spy, or, Found and Lost. Edward Sylvester Ellis. New York : Frank Starr, Dime Novels Edward Sylvester Ellis.

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The Life and Times of Col. Daniel Boone, the Hunter of Kentucky. With sketches of his Cotemporaries [sic]; Narratives of St. Clair's Defeat; Mrs.