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Table of Contents. Related Content. Some believe the Mandylion and the Shroud to be the same object, first kept in Edessa, later translated to Constantinople, France and Italy. Andrea Nicolotti traces back the legend of the Edessean image in history and art, focusing especially on elements that could prove its identity with the Shroud, concluding that the Mandylion and the Shroud are two distinct objects.

Crusading in Art, Thought and Will. Editors: Matthew E.

The Tradition of the Image of Edessa - Research - Royal Holloway, University of London

Parker , Ben Halliburton and Anne Romine. Crusade scholarship has exploded in popularity over the past two decades.

This volume captures the resulting diversity of approaches, which often cross cultures and academic disciplines. The contributors to this volume offer new perspectives on topics as varied as the application of Roman law on slavery to the situation of Muslims in the Latin East, Muslim appropriation of Latin architectural spolia, the roles played by the crusade in medieval preaching, and the impact of Latin East refugees on religious geography in late medieval Cyprus.

Image of Edessa

Together these essays demonstrate how pervasive the institution of crusade was in medieval Christendom, as much at home in Europe as in the Latin East, and how much impact it carried forth into the modern era. Connell, Cathleen A. The Mandylion has a gap in its provenance or historical record of several centuries. It was reportedly transferred in to Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, along with the purported letter from Jesus to King Abgar. The image may once have been incorporated into a triptych of the tenth century.

Its side panels, now reposing in the monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai, illustrate the pious legend of Abgar receiving the image.

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After the Venetians conquered Constantinople in during the Fourth Crusade, the Mandylion was reportedly transferred to the West, where its history becomes confused. These are the three Edessan Mandylions that have been claimed as original. Others—such as a seventeenth-century Mandylion icon in Buckingham Palace in London, surrounded by painted panels Wilson , —need not concern us here. It was taken out of its baroque reliquary and removed from its silver-sheet frame made in The version in the Vatican and the one in Genoa are almost wholly identical in their representation, form, technique, and measurements.

Indeed, they must at some point in their history have crossed paths, for the rivet holes that surround the Genoese image coincide with those that attach the Vatican Mandylion to the cut-out sheet of silver that frames the image. It is not surprising that many of them appeared. Because icons were traditionally painted on wood, the fact that both the Vatican and Genoese Mandylions are on linen suggests that each was intended to be regarded as the original Edessan Image.

While the original image appears lost to history, Ian Wilson , — goes so far as to argue that the Edessan Image has survived—indeed, that it is nothing less than the Shroud of Turin, the alleged burial cloth of Jesus! Indeed, the image is rendered in red ocher and vermilion tempera paint—not as a positive image but as a negative one, as if it were a bodily imprint. Finally, modern science and scholarship have revealed the truth about these pious deceptions.

My wife Diana Harris accompanied and assisted me on this investigation. I am also grateful to Alan Zoppa for computer enhancement of the photo, which was taken under extremely low-light conditions. But I have a very small and venerable city which is enough for us both. Jesus, impressed by the faith displayed in this letter, replied, either by his own hand or through words dictated to Ananais stories vary.

The Mandylion or the Story of a Man-Made Relic

For it is written concerning me that those who have seen me will not believe in me, and that those who have not seen me will themselves believe and shall be saved. But regarding what you wrote me, to come to you, I must fulfill all things for which I was sent, and, after thus fulfilling them, be taken up to Him who sent me. And when I have been taken up, I shall send you one of my disciples to heal your suffering and to give life to you and those with you.

4 The Translation of the Image of Edessa

Following the crucifixion, St. Thomas sent Thaddeus also called Addai to Edessa. Luke He heard the preaching of John and was baptized, then became a follower of Jesus who was commissioned to spread the word. Jude the Apostle, also called Thaddeus. Some even doubt that St. Addai and Thaddeus of Edessa are the same person, but the tradition clearly points to a single person. Addai returned to his home of Edessa, where he is said to have stayed with Tobias, son of Tobias. Tobias is a Jewish name, so the implication is that he came back to the Jewish community of Edessa to preach.

Addai began to heal people in the name of Christ. When word of this reached Abgar, he suspected this was the follower Jesus had promised him. Abgar summoned Tobias and Addai. When Addai came before the king, Abgar saw a "great vision" on his face. And again, if you believe in Him, in so far as you believe, the requests of your heart shall be yours. At this, Abgar testified to his faith in Jesus, and Addai healed him of this unknown ailment.

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Others were healed at the same time, and Addai continued to preach and heal in Edessa with the support of Abgar.