Tailoring of Mechanical Properties of Si3N4 Ceramics

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How to make silicon carbide crucible

The discussion of the stability of the amorphous grain boundary and devitrification behaviour demonstrates the possibilities and limits for the development of high--temperature resistant materials. All authors are leading experts in this field, guaranteeing the high quality of the contributions.

The book has been carefully arranged to achieve a textbook format which will be of value to researchers already active in the field as well as newcomers and students. Silicon Nitride Materials for Engine Applications. Goal of proposed project is to study the applicability of such structures made of so-called advanced ceramics — silicon nitride — in various bioapplications. The usability of granules or microspheres for fabrication of 3D trabecular structures with appropriate strength and porosities will be verified.

Formation of tough interlocking microstructures in silicon nitride ceramics by dynamic ripening

The mains starting powders for ternary nitrides are metal silicides and Si3N4, while for oxynitrides polymer derived SiAlOC precursor. Except of known dopants for phosphors Eu, Ce another lanthanoid activator will be searched on the base of the first principle calculations.

The influence of type, amount and valence of dopant on the colour and intensity of emitted light will be studied in details. The final valence of activator e. Finally, the excitation and emission spectra of prepared phosphors and their quantum efficiency will be characterised. The main starting powders for ternary nitrides are metal silicides and Si3N4, while for oxynitrides polzmer derived SiAlOC precursor.

Except of known dopants for phosphors Eu, Ce another lanthanoid activator will be seached on the base of the first principle calculations.

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Annotation: Project deals with the development of materials on a base of silicon nitride and silicon carbide with the addition of carbon nano-tubes CNT and graphene. The goal of the project is to increase the functional properties of composite while the mechanical properties remain on the same level. Distribution of graphene nano-platelets in ceramic powder mixtures will be realized by attritor milling.

mechanical properties of ceramics

Characterization of the relation between the way of composites preparation and their physicochemical, mechanical and functional properties will be established. Annotation: The main purpose of the project is preparation, development and optimization of mechanical hardness, strength, fracture, toughness, wear resistance , high temperature corrosion and thermal shock resistance , and electrical electrical conductivity properties of silicon carbide based ceramic composites with metallic additives, in a way that would ensure electrical metall-like conductivity without compromising structural stability.

As experimental materials SiC based composites with various volume fraction of Nb and Ti will be used. The subject of the study will be the relationship between the relevant properties of the experimental materials and parameters of their microstructure with the aim to understand their mutual connections, and then to use the gained knowledge in development of optimal material for applications in civil and electrical engineering.

Annotation: The changes of lifestyle and increased consumption of drinks with high content of organic acids cause higher incidence of corrosion defects of natural teeth and dental materials, especially in younger population. The result is increased curiosity and mechanical wear abfraction, abrasion, attrition due to tooth enamel decalcification of natural teeth, and corrosion damage of the surface of dental materials and their premature mechanical failure. The project is focused at the testing of corrosion resistance of natural teeth in-vitro, and of selected materials used for dental replacements porcelain, glass-ceramics, ceramics , carries fillings of natural teeth amalgam, composite against commonly consumed acid drinks, and determination of mechanisms and kinetics of corrosion.

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The results will comprise determination of factors influencing damage of dental materials, identification of the means facilitating reduction or elimination of the damage, and optimization of dental materials from the point of view of their corrosion resistance. Annotation: One of the ways to improve mechanical properties of silicon nitride is by formation of composites systems.

The investigations of graphene as a filler for different matrix materials started immediately after the discovery unique mechanical and electrical properties of graphene. Recent research studies confirm the expectations and significant improvement of mechanical and electrical properties of the polymer composites with graphene filler.

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It is also expected that the incorporation of graphene applications of ceramic materials. The aim of the project is to develop silicon nitride — graphene platelet composite materials with improved fracture mechanical and functional properties.

Relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of silicon nitride ceramics

The scientific results of the project will include the parameters of the processing and the set of mechanical properties necessary for the estimation of application possibilities. Annotation: The project deals with development and characterization of composite ceramic biomaterials based on silicon nitride in combination with bioactive films formed by hydroxyapatite. Structure and mechanical properties of the material should imitate the human bone characteristics as much as possible.

At first the silicon nitride ceramics will be prepared using two different sintering methods pressureless sintering in oxidizing atmosphere and gas pressure sintering. In the second phase of the project the preparation of bioactive hydroxyapatite surface layer using sol-gel method on porous Si3N4 matrix will be optimised. The film functioned as a bioactive film should have a reasonably good stability to withstand dissolution of the film while in contact with the body fluid, rough or porous surface morphology to increase joint area with natural bone, and good adhesion strength to maintain a strong bridge to connect the implant with bone tissue.

Newly developed composite materials should be suitable for bioapplication especially as trabecular bone substitute. Annotation: The project is focused on the cost effective preparation of ternary nitride and oxynitride SiAlON light emitting phosphors by reaction synthesis, combustion synthesis and carbothermal reduction and nitridation process. The main starting powders for ternary nitrides are metal silicides and Si3N4, while for SiAlONs purified clay minerals. The type and amount of lanthanoid ions Eu, Ce, Yb that activate luminescence is selected on the base of the first principle calculations DFT , carried out on the refined structure of ternary nitrides and beta-SiAlON.

Finally, the excitation and emission spectra of prepared nitirde-based phosphors are characterized. The aim is increasing of corrosive resistance and keeping of mechanical properties environment of halogens and melts of Al and Fe and salts. The objectives of the research are to understand the relationship between the processing of ceramic materials, used sintering additives and their physical and mechanical properties before and after a experiment in corrosive environment.

The corrosion tests, detailed chemical and structural analysis will help to select proper materials. Selected materials will be tailored by suitable sintering conditions and compositions.

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New developed materials should be appropriate for application in several industries. Annotation: Project is focused on preparation of photoluminescent materials phosphors based on silicon oxynitrides and nitrides applying organometallic precursors.