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Sleep Your Questions Answered

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. We usually tell people to do this at least an hour before your bedtime. I tend to do it right before I leave work, so I can come home in a different mindset.

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The other option comes from the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. They observe. Think of your time in bed as a window of opportunity for sleep, versus a schedule. That clock is just going to make you more anxious. It puts too much pressure on you. Thinking of that time as a window of opportunity for sleep gives people some flexibility. Dr Ong : I have an 11 month old. My advice is just to change your expectations. The effects of acute sleep deprivation are recoverable.

That meant I was only getting five and a half hours of sleep a night when I know I function best with eight.

Sleep paralysis: your questions answered

What health implications did all those years of sleep deprivation have? As a field, we are doing those studies now. Hopefully in the next five years or so we can provide a more compelling answer to that question. I would just move forward and try to get the best quality of sleep that you can. Dr Ong : This is about our natural circadian rhythms. You can adjust your circadian rhythm, as you can adjust for time zones when you travel.

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Morning types can get sleepy too early, then wake up at 3am. So for them, we encourage more exposure to light at night to delay their bedtime.

I think some of my patients who are successful and naturally night owls have found careers which allow them to work the later shifts. For people who have delayed sleep phase, the idea would be to turn off your computer earlier or change the settings, and have more light in the morning — opening the blinds and letting light in when you need to get up.

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  8. Dr Benjamin : Many of my patients worry about this. But less deep sleep is a normal part of aging.

    The 5 most Googled questions about sleep, answered

    It is more profound for men than for women, although women can be disrupted by the effects of menopause. Keep in mind that sleep disorders like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome also become much more prevalent as you get older. Dr Benjamin : There are some people who do very well with very little sleep. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. January 31, No Comments.

    How can I help my baby sleep through the night and not wake for a feed? Is CIO the only way to sleep train? Is it too late to sleep train a toddler? How can I help my child take longer naps? What are important things to do with sleep the first few weeks with baby to start off right. The 3 things you can work on right from day one is: Create a safe environment for your baby to sleep.

    The safest sleep environment is so that they are sleeping alone, on their backs, and in a separate sleep space like a crib or bassinet. Create a consistent bedtime routine to cue your baby that sleep is coming next. It could be as simple as dimming the lights, talking in soothing tones, changing their diapers, and singing them a lullaby. Watch to not overextend wakeful periods in between sleep phases. Previous Post Next Post. Alanna McGinn In this area you can display your biographic info.

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