Random Media

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Several process combinations have been realized in upgrading activated sludge treatment plants. However, it is also possible to realize hybrid solutions using the bio film carriers in the existing tanks without any retrofitting. When a pure MBBR process is employed, a typical overall treatment design consists of pre-treatment screening followed by one or more MBBR tanks, where the degradation processes of soluble matter take place.

Inverse problems in random media: a kinetic approach

The final stage of the treatment is normally the particle separation. We work on 3 L concept for economic solution and 3R concept for efficient solution.

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Random Media. BioGrip — B FAB system is a hybrid reactor where attached growth and suspended growth activity takes place simultaneously and has good effect on de-nitrification and de-phosphorization; it is widely used in the industrial waste water treatment and municipal waste water treatment.

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  2. The Epidemiology of Alimentary Diseases.
  3. Multiscale Theory of Composites and Random Media.
  4. Optics Letters;
  5. Archive ouverte HAL - Physics et Mechanics of Random Media: from Morphology to Material Properties!
  6. Branched flows in anisotropic random media.

Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Wave propagation through random media: Contributions from ocean acoustics Abstract: Recent theoretical and experimental progress in understanding sound transmission through a random field of internal waves is reviewed.