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Many of the dlls in the bin folder are interdependent. So you can't remove or replace them without risk of breaking the application. For instance the DotNetNuke. If any of those dlls would be replaced by one with a lower version nr or removed altogether, the DotNetNuke. So tampering with dlls is not for the faint of heart.

You really need to know what you're doing. This concludes the brief overview of some of the critical parts of a. You should be aware of the above in case you wish to change things or if you need to debug some erroneous behavior.

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And for those of us that have been around since that time we can see that history reflected in the various files and folders of the application. NET Web Forms have evolved in each other's gravity, sometimes changing the other's course. So at times the anatomy of DNN may feel somewhat quirky. So with that out of the way let's look at what you have on your hard disk after installing DNN.

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Table 1 shows a rundown of the most important folders in the application. There is a certain analogy between the DNN folder structure and a typical Windows machine's folder structure. The DesktopModules folder is like the Programs folder on your Windows machine. It stores the various installed programs. The Portals folder is like the Users folder.

It stores the user's files and makes sure some level of isolation is used to prevent one looking into the files of another portal folders. Finally, the bin folder is like the System32 folder in that the dlls that are shared across the whole application go there. Now that we know what an asp. As was mentioned before, a module is delivered as a zip file. But what's in the zip file and how does this fit into DNN? To better understand this we begin by dividing our application into the age old split of data and code. The code comes as.

And these files are almost without exception stored in a subfolder of DesktopModules in your DNN installation and the bin folder in case of a dll. The user's data comes in two forms: files and relational data i. For the former you won't need to do anything the portal home directory already exists but for the latter you will need to create the necessary tables, procedures, etc. These scripts create or update the schema your application needs in SQL.

That's it.

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What you create is a bunch of files that either are copied to the DesktopModules folder, the bin folder or are used to generate the schema in SQL that the application will use. Let's look at the HTML module to see what this looks like in practice.

Professional Dotnetnuke ASP.NET Portals By Clinical Publishing

In that directory you'll find 4. So these files are actually used to render to the client what the developer wanted there are also a bunch of. These script files are only used during installation, so if you tamper with them now nothing will change. They remain on disk as a record of what has been done. The only file you're missing from the module is the one that was written to the bin folder: DotNetNuke.

That file is the compiled version of all the source code that came with the module. This directory holds the entire HTML module project and is used to generate the zip file that is used to install it. Copyright remains with P. Donker and Wiley Publishers. This is the standard ASP.

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NET folder to which an application's database will be written if you don't specify otherwise. You'll find DNN's common resource files here. These files store the most common texts used in the application like "Cancel" or "Submit". Configuration files for various aspects of the application. These files remove the need to put everything in the web. Reusable controls. You can use these in your own modules as well.

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Administrative modules like the SQL module or the Extensions module. You'll see these modules in action on the various admin pages. When DNN first installs it uses these folders to create the system. The default modules are found here as well as default skins and languages for instance. If you'd create a distribution based on DNN you'd put all your own stuff in this place so it installs by default.

Professional Dot Net Nuke ASP.Net Portals

Data directory for the host. This is where you'll find the portal templates the files that determine what pages to create for a new portal for instance. November 1st, AM by Rrotz. Linking dotnetnuke site to computer database. June 22nd, PM by debrobciv. Installation problem.

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