Nice or Nasty: Food Choice, Food Law and Health in South East Asia

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In some respects, I prefer the food here to the places that usually get all the credit Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

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This is one of the best cities in Asia for coffee drinkers. There are Starbucks and other horrible chains, of course. They are unavoidable, but the independent cafe scene in Taipei is going strong. And I recommend you try a few of them. Compared to the hassle of getting a visa in Laos, this is a breeze. But a word of warning: While in Taiwan, I took the opportunity to apply for a 2-month visa in Thailand. I was spending most of my time in Thailand at the time.

The visa process itself was easy and fast. But I had a few problems with Thai immigration. A bank statement should be enough to get around this. I forgot and had to make a dash to a coworking space to print them out before getting back just before close of business. That was me warned, I guess.

My current facial hair and head hair arrangement are quite different than what you see on my passport picture. So they pulled me aside to find out if I was really who I said I was. That puts the country in 24 th position in the world. Chunghwa offers unlimited data on the 4G plan. Coverage includes all of Taiwan including some islands. You also get access to 50, wifi hotspots around the country.

Apparently, you can save a huge chunk of change on roaming if you use this SIM. More details on the website. They also serve alcohol hard liquor and food so you could make an evening out of it and sober up with a few cups of joe afterwards. One of the tastiest cups of coffee in the city.

And friendly service to boot. Go there! But they have plenty of seating, power outlets, and free Wifi all day. They also serve reasonably good food. A good spot to work for a few hours. But I use them as makeshift standing desks.

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The food and coffee options are a mix of Asian and Western. My only gripe is with the opening hours: 12 pm to 12 am, which makes it best for night owls and late risers. A long bench to perch your laptop and wooden tables in a moderately quiet area make up the space. FutureWard Central is a big coworking space with different spaces and areas to work. I usually try to open my laptop by at the latest.

That means working an hour or two before interrupting the flow to move to the coworking space. The good thing or bad thing, depending on how you look at it is the coworking space stays open until most days. Closed on Sunday. Taipei Digiquarters is a hybrid coworking and coliving space in the Zhongzheng District. The internet speed max is Mbps.

There are standing desks, an outdoor terrace, chill out area, and even bean bags. Next, we have the Taipei Hackerspace , a unique and quirky space for entrepreneurs, inventors, hackers, and digital nomads. Prices are low compared with Europe and the US. Taiwan is not expensive compared to major European or US cities. From the figures on the website and my own research, I would suggest doubling this number to include rental costs.

Not bad for a modern city with plenty of amenities. The metro subway in Taipei is extensive, inexpensive, and fast.

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It really is the best form of transport for the city. For day trips out of the city and for travelling around the rest of the country, I recommend the train. Most visitors to the city head out to Wulai at some stage. Wulai is a popular relaxation destination of hot springs set in beautiful scenery only an hour from the city.

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This is the easier option and is quicker than the train. It took me twice as long as the bus but I prefer trains. UBikes are a great option for whizzing around the city. Get a train to and from the airport. Another airport, Songshan , is less popular with tourists and holidaymakers. A third option is Taichung , the smallest of the international airports in Taiwan. This might be an option for visa runs. The majority of Western visitors to Taiwan, get a 3-month visa on arrival.

Anything longer requires a bit of extra work.

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We can also consider these people expats rather than digital nomads. Hawaiians love strong tastes, so the bland, starchy poi is often eaten as part of a full meal to balance and cleanse the palate between dishes. Hawaiians sometimes encourage mainlanders and kids to put sugar and water into it to make it more palatable.

Fresh poi should be relatively tasteless, packaged and old poi tends to be slightly tangy. I've tried this. Like unflavored glue. This restaurant sold what it called Three-fried Beans. This was ball of refried beans, battered, and then fried again. Just think about it.

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  8. First you have the refried beans, I don't know if they made or bought pre-made, which is beans fried and then refried. Next you batter them and then fry them again? The batter was kind of sweet and it was actually pretty good. Dried bananas Brazil : They're black, wrinkled, dry and sweet, about the size of nana's feeble finger. No refrigeration necessary. How can anyone think of something like that, eat an unripe fruit?

    Yet I have to admit that it wasn't bad at all! We also ate this in Tennessee.

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    Slice up a green tomato, dust it with corn meal, and fry in butter. Remove CAREFULLY, roll it around in the sand then skin it with a sharp knife try not to get stuck by the needles and slice into disk-shaped sections for eating as a finger food.

    Nice or Nasty: Food Choice, Food Law and Health in South East Asia

    The purple ones taste like cranberry and the red ones taste like pear. Notes: The juice leaves bright stains. You may want to spit the seeds out. Family gatherings in the outdoors often turn into cactus apple hunts.