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Explanation of each rule is followed by comment, and illustration by detailed reference to case law, ensuring it remains an in-depth but accessible research tool.

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It provides definitive reference for all practitioners concerned with issues such as contracts made or performed in other jurisdictions or with foreign parties, property situated overseas, disputes relating to torts committed abroad or committed by foreign parties, and personal and family matters involving people in other jurisdictions. The 1st Supplement will be published in December Completely revised and updated to include analysis of all the key legislation and cases since the last edition Deals with the impact of the Civil Procedure Rules on private international law Includes analysis of judicial decisions from common law jurisdictions as well as detailed consideration of international conventions and EU materials Supplemented annually to stay up to date with developments in legislation and case law.

Mental Health Law, 6th Edition. Sinclair on Warranties and Indemnities on Share Sales 10th. Carver on Bills of Lading, 4th Edition. Terrell on the Law of Patents, 18th Edition. Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation. Phipson on Evidence 18th Edition, 2nd Supplement. Jones on Extradition and Mutual Assistance, 4th Edition. Salinger on Factoring, 5th Edition.

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Tax Penalties. Craies on Legislation, 11th Edition. Disclosure, 5th Edition. Hollington on Shareholders' Rights, 8th Edition. Misrepresentation, Mistake and Non-Disclosure, 4th Edition. Damages for Breach of Contract.

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Drafting Commercial Agreements, 6th Edition. Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage, 6th Edition. The Law of Insurance Broking, 3rd Edition. EU State Aids, 5th Edition. Cohabitation and Trusts of Land, 3rd Edition. Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas. Chitty on Contracts, 32nd Edition, 1st Supplement. Moral Rights, 2nd Edition.

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Tax Avoidance, 3rd Edition. Insolvency Litigation: A Practical Guide. Aldridge: Powers of Attorney, 11th Edition. Hewitt on Joint Ventures, 6th Edition. Construction All Risks Insurance, 2nd Edition. Offshore Civil Procedure. Aldridge Powers of Attorney, 11th Edition. Davies: Principles of Tax Law, 8th Edition. Administrative Law, 8th Edition. The Law of Passing-Off: Unfair Competition by Misrepresentation, 5th Edition The Law of Passing-off is the only specialist practitioner's reference work dealing with the common law torts of unfair competition by misrepresentation, namely passing-off and injurious falsehood.

Mental Health Act Manual, 19th Edition. The Reform of Civil Litigation. Benjamin's Sale of Goods 9th Edition, 2nd Supplement. Glanville Williams: Learning the Law, 16th Edition.

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Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, 11th Edition. International Law, 8th Edition. Morris: The Conflict of Laws, 9th Edition. Conflicts of Interest, 5th Edition. Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice. Mental Capacity Act Manual, 7th Edition.

Individual Conduct and Accountability. Cross-Border Insolvency: Principles and Practice. Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences, 5th Edition. Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 10th Edition Presents an all-embracing examination of business interruption and consequential loss insurance in jurisdictions all around the world.

Commercial Injunctions, 6th Edition. Theobald on Wills, 18th Edition. Hedge Funds and the Law, 2nd Edition. Employment Law, 10th Edition Employment Law provides a succinct and engaging account of employment law and industrial relations law.

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Nutshells Land Law, 10th Edition. Copinger and Skone James on Copyright, 17th Edition. Marsden Collisions at Sea, 14th Edition. Birds' Modern Insurance Law, 10th edition. Estoppel by Conduct and Election, 2nd Edition. Effective Legal Research, 4th Edition. Nutshells English Legal System, 10th Edition. Arbitration in Africa. Enforcement of A Judgment, 12th Edition. Sale of Ships, 3rd Edition. Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts, 13th Edition.

Performers' Rights, 5th Edition. The Interpretation of Contracts, 6th Edition.

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May on Criminal Evidence, 6th Edition. Crown Court Index , 36th Edition. Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements and their Enforcement, 3rd Edition. Scrutton on Charterparties and Bills of Lading, 23rd Edition. Russell on Arbitration, 24th Edition. Boilerplate: Practical Clauses, 7th Edition. Snell's Equity, 33rd Edition, 1st Supplement. Lewin on Trusts, 19th Edition, 1st Supplement. Celebrity and Royal Privacy, the Media and the Law. Phipson on Evidence 18th Edition, 1st Supplement.

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    Benjamin's Sale of Goods, 9th Edition, 1st Supplement.