Fraud, Corruption and Sport

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Corruption by topic - Sport

Surveys and Estimates of Fraud and Corruption in Sport Why do Those in Sport Commit Fraud? Individual Athletes and Acts of Fraud and Corruption Sporting Institutions and Acts of Fraud and Corruption Internet Fraud, Corruption and Sport Money Laundering and Gambling Websites Fraud and Corruption in Football Types of Fraud and Corruption in Football Ticket Sales Match Fixing and its Association with Gambling Fraud and Corruption in Cricket Types of Fraud and Corruption in Cricket Paying for Information Match Fixing Spot-fixing Fraud and Corruption in Horse Racing Types of Fraud and Corruption in Horse Racing Trading a Horse or Horse-trading?

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Buying a Horse at Auction Fraud and Corruption in Basketball Types of Fraud and Corruption in Basketball Point Shaving Referee Bias Tanking: Losing to Win? Fraud and Corruption in Baseball Six IOC members were subsequently expelled when an investigation found them to have received money from SLOC in the form of direct payments, land purchase agreements, tuition assistance, political campaign donations, and charitable donations.

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  • Fraud, Corruption and Sport!

In many cases vested interests have been allowed to take absolute and unfettered control , leading to unethical and questionable behaviour. The consequence of this has been a huge accountability and governance vacuum within the sector.

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For example, whilst FIFA are officially governed by Swiss law, until recently, very little has been done by Swiss authorities to prevent the scurrilous goings on behind the scenes. As long as these usually entrenched vested interests are free to continue spreading largesse amongst individual member, there is little political will — or incentive — for sports NGOs to actively tackle the issue, as it remains more lucrative for members to maintain the status-quo then to agitate for change. Sports NGOs are also vulnerable because of the way they are set up and overseen.

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  • Corruption by topic - Sport.
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The cases highlighted above reveal that much of the corruption stretches right to the top: they involve senior members of the organisations. NGOs rely on their own control frameworks, which at times gives members free reign to run the organisation as they see fit.

Fraud, Corruption and Sport

While a good start, it would be idealistic to simply suggest that putting in a whistleblowing regime and educating members about corruption would be the best way to combat it. The sad fact is that many organisations have had procedures in place that have been either ineffective, or blatantly ignored. It is our responsibility to make sure the right systems are in place and the right people [are in place] to uphold these systems. Given the amounts of money involved, this is particularly true in the case of the sporting industry.

While organisations can put processes in place to reduce the chance of corruption occurring at the start, it is not always enough, with many anti-corruption programmes failing before they even get of the ground.

Fraud, Corruption and Sport

In the case of sports NGOs, an effective tool that will help counter current corrupt practices is increased transparency. Shining the light on corrupt or illicit activities when they happen is one strategy for preventing corruption from taking place. While regaining public trust after a corruption case is reported will never be straightforward, it is crucial that an organisation shows it has the political-will to actively address, and learn from, the issue.

Their organisation has been publishing an annual corruption report every year since