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What an epic clusterfuck! It was a total one-two punch of reveals, one of which I'd suspected and the other that I just never saw coming!

Found in You (Fixed - Book 2), Paperback

Relationship-wise, Hudson and Alayna are in a good place at the end but we do learn something which has my mind racing already and definitely looking very forward to the final book in this trilogy! I really loved the overall message too -- that even people with broken pasts, who'd messed up and done thing they'd forever regret could still work their way back to a good place and still be able to be a part of a healthy relationship. I found it extremely heartwarming. Highly recommended! Please note that all quotes are still subject to change before publication. View all 74 comments. Fixed Trilogy, book of 4.

Larger-than-life, heir and business icon Hudson Alexander Pierce whirlwind romance with business graduate and bartender Alayna Wither, Laynie.

I read as box set. View all 22 comments. Dec 31, Jennifer Kyle added it. I wasn't hot guy crazy, I just loved Alayna Withers, the main character. She was completely different and I loved her obsessions and her quirks and her crazy past. Hudson tells her not to associate with Celia so what does she do?

She becomes BFFs with the woman? With her new secret BFF she confides and makes plans to keep stuff from Hudson and the two woman pinky swear on it? I mean really? Who the hell pinky swears over the age of 10? I mean part of her issues are paranoia Why the author decided to go this route with a great character is beyond me!

View all 51 comments. What can I say? I'm partial to it. View all 17 comments. Maybe twenty-five shades. When you feel you least deserve it. Your perfect match, the soul mate you wouldn't dare admit that you have been waiting for will smack you right in the face and will make you open your heart, sooth old scars and admit painful mistakes.

In the meantime it will drive you more crazy than normal a 4. In the meantime it will drive you more crazy than normal and knock you socks and panties right off. Alayna and Hudson started a charade of a relationship but fear, past wounds and a hot mess of a family couldn't stop love.

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Normal is rather boring and crazy is the new black. Ladies, this couple is scorching hot!!! But love doesn't come easy.

Everafter Romance - Found in You (Fixed - Book 2), Paperback -

Laynie's stalker mistakes, Hudson's twisted past, his family and bitch of an ex will make their life together complicated and try to force them second-guess their feelings. Can a couple who always believed that doesn't deserve a happily ever after claim theirs? Or insecurities will drive them apart? Hot and just the right amount of naughty, passionate and well written, this second book in Laurelin Paige 's Fixed Series draws us deeper into the relationship of a couple so dysfunctional that normally shouldn't stand a chance.

It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. You 're the best thing that's ever happened to me. BTW, is it just me or these covers are getting better and better? And by that I mean hotter!!! View all 25 comments. Aug 05, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , angsty-romance , arc-given-to-blog-for-honest-review , dying-to-get-my-hands-on. Ooooomg if I loved Hudson Pierce before I'm officially uncurably obsessed. So obsessed I think I make Laynie look sane. I have to say I was a very complicated mess thru most of this book I told you This series is like my crack…I cannot deny the hypnotic hold it has on me and I love it so much.

It blew me away…plus none of this will make sense! My girl is growing up and I'm so proud! There was so much growth for her in this book She becomes the healthy non-obsessive person she always knew she could be, in a healthy relationship with the man of her dreams and mine! She is logical and rational Other men had been scared away by similar unfounded accusations. But Hudson-not only did his expression show an absence of fear, it showed hunger, desire.

Almost as though my paranoia was a turn-on. My love knows no bounds for this man and if it was possible for me to fall in love with him any more…mission accomplished. And just as much as Laynie grew, so did he! He's nothing like the cold heartless manipulator he once was.

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He's a changed man and it's all thanks to Alayna. He still has a long way to go but Laynie has brought him light years away from where he once was. He needs her Watching him be in a relationship is…different. Which just made him even more perfect. No overlapping, no redundancy, just smooth transition from one to the other. Same fabulous characters continuing their delicious story.

And oh my Alayna and Hudson together are more than just delicious. I think I need another word for hot! Set the pages of my kindle on fire, panty disintegrating, sweet baby jeebus HOT! It's the way Hudson shows his love for her, the best way he shows his love because he can't say it. But I felt it. OMG with every piece of my heart, in every action that Hudson makes, every word he says to her, it just bleeds love. Their sexual connection isn't all they have but when all else is failing it's what brings them back to 'them'. To what they have and how they can't love without each other.

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But despite how his sounds and reactions made me completely weak and dizzy, I suddenly felt powerful. There was nothing in the world that I could imagine that would be strong enough to cause Hudson Pierce to relinquish his authority — nothing in the universe that could make him yield to anyone. Yet here he was giving in to me. Yes, I felt very powerful. Hudson is not the hearts and flowers type and it's easy enough to get me to swoon when he's so fuckin sexy and says some of the hottest things ever I told you he was changing!

He has some pretty romantic gestures too For me, the game was over. It was with sincerity that I answered. And it wasn't even the little lies that developed into bigger lies and things started getting sticky Fuckin cunt! I knew I didn't like her for a reason and she just gave me a shit ton more. But I promise you, I could not have been more proud of the way Laynie handled herself. Smoothing my hair with sensuous strokes, he spoke low at my ear.

Nothing in this world is important to me beyond you. I can be the same for you I know it. I loved the ending. Perfection - I love that there wasn't a cliff again There are lots of pre-cursors And there's a video that needs to be watched But it gives me something to crave and ponder. I feel like I need to send Laurelin Paige roses for creating the amazingness that is Hudson, because he is quickly climbing the charts towards the top of my BBF List. It surprised me, kept me on the edge of my seat with uncertainty, turned me on and warmed my heart - what more can you ask for? View all 19 comments.

Oh boy For a man who called himself a "Sociopath" and who seems to think he is incapable of having true emotions, he surely knows how to make a woman feel loved and can say just about the swoon worthiest things ever!! If anything, you're the one who owns me. My lord, I was in need of a cold shower. Aside from the sex, these two were taking their relationship to the next step and beyond, on the emotional scale.

I was thinking, this is TOO good to be true. How can Hudson do a complete like this? There's got to be more to this behavior.