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There has been little movement on government targets, but the public mood has shifted dramatically. This climate crisis is almost irreversible, and it is global. And global and irreversible should be the answer From pig farming to climate change, the government is talking itself up even as it ignores the gathering threats and Strengthening the climate movement requires a rethink of strategy and tactics.

We demand action before If the Principles for Responsible Banking are to live up to their name, they must not allow banks to profit from Plans to scale-up repair, reuse and remanufacture must be at the heart of any Green New Deal. The use of biomass fuels in UK electric plants shadows an environmental travesty that harms disadvantaged rural A reduction of economic activity is necessary and just — and can lead to human flourishing.

Erdogan's quest for development, with its numerous high profile projects aiming for completion by the centenary of Demographic conspiracies should not be seen as fringe enterprises restricted to gullible extremists — they have an Mexico plans to build a transisthmian corridor despite the implications for indigenous communities and their right Only a wholesale transformation of our economy can overcome the multiple crises we face. This week, people were evicted from Grande-Synthe and other nearby temporary migrant camps in Dunkirk, France Universal basic income claims to be a radical and emancipatory way forward, but it only confirms the domination of Wages do not compensate workers, and especially women, for most of the work they do.

A basic income could change that. The populist and authoritarian wave that is spreading through the world is not directly responsible for the climate The trade secretary has evaded select committee scrutiny because her plans are unpalatable, argues MP Faisal Rashid. The Cameron years exemplify the outsized role of finance and corporate communications in British politics.

The wealthy in capitalist societies claim to love freedom, yet they use the threat of economic destitution to compel Basic income can help workers in many ways, but whether it really improves their freedom remains to be seen. To effectively counter fascist and far-right extremism, you need to understand it. Our new podcast, launched jointly with The Depolarization Project.

Stand up for European democracy!

Make a donation. Projects Close Close Please type and press enter Submit. What is their idea of democracy in Pakistan? Dinner With the President questions the role a military leader can play in guiding a state towards modern democracy. What role can ordinary citizens play in shaping democracy in Egypt? Bush cites Egypt as the country that will pave the way for democracy in the Middle East. Three women, unable to sit by while their country is on the brink of drastic change, start a grassroots movement to educate and empower the public by raising awareness about the meaning of democracy.

They name their campaign Shayfeen. Insisting that only the people can make change happen, their goal is to educate the Egyptian public on what it takes to build the most basic pillars of democracy: demanding basic human rights, freedom of speech and the establishment of an independent judiciary. Egypt: We are Watching You shows the role ordinary citizens can play in shaping and securing their democracy.

Can life in Russia's 'village of fools' make you more patriotic? Mikhail Morozov is a Russian patriot, good Christian and successful businessman.

Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230

People come here from all over Russia to learn how to live and become true Russians. They discuss the future of Russia, their ambitions and their goals. For God, Tsar and Fatherland shows what drives Russian patriotism today and why they are against democracy. Can Ghandi's influence still be found in the modern India: the world's largest democracy?


In , the country is preparing to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of its existence as an independent nation. But what kind of a democracy does India have today?


Stopping at the same villages and cities, where Gandhi and his followers had raised their call for independence, the film documents the stories of ordinary citizens in India today. Although inspired by a historical event In Search of Gandhi is not a journey back in time.

Instead, it is a search for the present and future of democracy in India. With unprecedented access, this intimate documentary goes behind the scenes with Africa's first freely elected female head of state, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of Liberia. The film explores the challenges facing the new president and the extraordinary women surrounding her as they develop and implement policy to rebuild their ravaged country and prevent a descent back into civil war. Will Bolivian president Evo Morales ever be able to deliver on his promise of a Guevara-style revolution?

Pressed by the masses who gave him a massive mandate, the first indigenous president, ex-coca leaf farmer Evo Morales has nationalised the oil industry and passed laws on agrarian reform. All the election speeches, which resulted in his landslide victory, sounded quite revolutionary, as did the iconography.

But a closer look reveals that corruption, nepotism and old-fashioned populism are at the core of this movement. The landowners and the indigenous movement are still wrestling for power and neither has claimed victory yet. Wuhan is a city in central China about the size of London, and it is here that director Weijun Chen has conducted an experiment in democracy. A grade 3 class at Evergreen Primary School has their first encounter with democracy by holding an election to select a Class Monitor.

Eight-year-olds compete against each other for the coveted position, abetted and egged on by teachers and doting parents.

International IDEA

Elections in China take place only within the Communist Party, but recently millions of Chinese voted in their version of Pop Idol. Is democracy a universal value that fits human nature? Do elections inevitably lead to manipulation? Please Vote for Me is a portrait of a society and a town through a school, its children and its families.

This documentary explores the American military's use of torture by focusing on the unsolved murder of an Afghan taxi driver who, in , was taken for questioning at Bagram Force Air Base. Five days later, the man was dead. The medical examiner claimed the driver died from excessive physical abuse. Taking this case as a jumping-off point, the film examines wider claims of torture that occurred at bases like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay during the Bush administration.

The film depicts the three stages of democracy as seen through the eyes of a girl growing up in Kenya. The Kenyatta Era was a time of great optimism and post-independence euphoria. It was followed by the era of dictatorship under Daniel arap Moi, and finally the ushering in of a third president, Mwai Kibaki. But after the disputed election results in December and the resultant violent civil strife and the death of hundreds, we are left wondering if democracy can ever truly come of age.

What are the secret to success of the longest serving Afrikaan news reader? Riaan Cruywagen has been reading the news on television since it arrived in South Africa in He prides himself in the nickname, "The face of news in South Africa" and his record of the longest serving Afrikaan news reader in the world. In the context of South Africa's spectacular transformation to democracy, Riaan explains how his professional ethics have kept him in the news readers seat.

Misconceptions and stereotypes persist as we follow one woman on her route to a job interview and the silent hostilities ash encounters as a Muslim. Can changing Tehran's sexist segregation on buses have a wider impact on gender equality across Iran? In the male dominated society of Iran, Farahnaz Shiri, the first female bus driver in Tehran, has made her own little society in her bus. In Iran there are different sections for men and women on public buses.

But in Mrs. On Shiri's bus, everything is vice versa. In her bus, women are made to feel empowered and enjoy the privilege of freely debating their position in Iranian society. Shiri's struggle to prove herself in this society provides a fascinating insight into gender and power in the close space of a public bus.

Interfernze explores the intriguing story of what became known as the Telestreet network through the personal experience of the members of Orfeo TV. Operating as a pirate station, the movement aims to give the voiceless the airspace to make themselves heard. The anti-establishment campaign uses civil disobedience as a tool in the quest for democratizing Italy's airwaves. Can the internet change civic participation in the poorest democracies all over the world? Kinshasa 2. This film demonstrates how the internet has the potential to change civic participation in the poorest democracies all over the world.