Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins (SPR Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins (RSC)) (vol. 8)

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Regarding RNA, we observed a T m of In future, we plan to synthesize oligoDap oligomers of different lengths containing all four nucleobases in order to evaluate their binding properties toward complementary nucleic acids and their ability to form suitable nucleopeptide-based biomaterials. Overall, the here-reported oligoDapT showed interesting properties exploitable in the context of molecular devices for potential biomedical applications; indeed, this is a nucleic acid binder able to target complementary DNA and RNA of interest in antigene, antisense, and double-stranded RNA targeting antiviral strategies, as well as to be used for the delivery of therapeutic ODNs, a recently evidenced property of nucleopeptides.

Pedone C RNA-binding and viral reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity of a novel cationic diamino acid-based peptide. J Med Chem. Eur J Org Chem.

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Synthesis, biological evaluation and supramolecular assembly of novel analogues of peptidyl nucleosides. Mol Biosyst. From peptides to small molecules: an intriguing but intricated way to new drugs. Curr Med Chem.

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Enhancing cellular uptake of activable cell-penetrating peptide-doxorubicin conjugate by enzymatic cleavage. Int J Nanomedicine. Structure-activity relationship studies on N3-substituted willardiine derivatives acting as AMPA or kainate receptor antagonists. Synthesis and X-ray structure of a unique multinuclear complex constructed by a nucleobase-amino acid DL-willardiine. Chem Comm. Roviello GN, Musumeci D. Synthetic approaches to nucleopeptides containing all four nucleobases, and nucleic acid-binding studies on a mixed-sequence nucleo-oligolysine. RSC Adv.

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Dakin-West reaction on 1-thyminyl acetic acid for the synthesis of 1,3-bis 1-thyminyl propanone, a heteroaromatic compound with nucleopeptide-binding properties. Amino Acids. Nucleos Nucleot Nucl Acids. Synthesis and characterization of a novel ester-based nucleoamino acid for the assembly of aromatic nucleopeptides for biomedical applications. Int J Pharm.

Sequence-selective recognition of DNA by strand displacement with a thymine-substituted polyamide. Alternate dab-aegPNAs: synthesis, nucleic acid binding studies and biological activity. Design, synthesis and biochemical investigation, by in vitro luciferase reporter system, of peptide nucleic acids as new inhibitors of miRp involved in the regulation of cystic fibrosis disease-gene expression. Med Chem Commun.

Exploitation of a very small peptide nucleic acid as a new inhibitor of miRp involved in the regulation of cystic fibrosis disease-gene expression.

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Biomed Res Int. Synthesis and label free characterization of a bimolecular PNA homo quadruplex. Biochim Biophys Acta. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and biological activity of a novel nucleopeptide with Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity.

Solid phase synthesis and RNA-binding activity of an arginine-containing nucleopeptide. G-quadruplex forming oligonucleotides as anti-HIV agents. Interactions between peptides containing nucleobase amino acids and T7 phages displaying S. Pept Sci. Self-assembly of nucleopeptides to interact with DNAs. Interface Focus. J Org Chem. Nucleophosmin contains amyloidogenic regions that are able to form toxic aggregates under physiological conditions.

Modulating the activity of oligonucleotides by carbohydrate conjugation: solid phase synthesis of sucrose-oligonucleotide hybrids. Org Biomol Chem. Dalton Trans. Nucleic acid binding and other biomedical properties of artificial oligolysines. Self-complementary oligopeptide matrices support mammalian cell attachment.

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Supramolecular glycosylation accelerates proteolytic degradation of peptide nanofibrils. J Am Chem Soc. Evaluation of cell penetrating peptide delivery system on HPV16E7 expression in three types of cell line. Iran J Biotechnol. Self-assembling DNA-peptide hybrids: morphological consequences of oligonucleotide grafting to a pathogenic amyloid fibrils forming dipeptide. Chem Commun. Binding ability of a thymine-functionalized oligolysine towards nucleic acids. Bioorg Med Chem. Song G, Ren J. Recognition and regulation of unique nucleic acid structures by small molecules.

Natural and artificial binders of polyriboadenylic acid and their effect on RNA structure.


Beilstein J Nanotechnol. Saha B, Suresh Kumar G. Spectroscopic and calorimetric investigations on the binding of phenazinium dyes safranine-O and phenosafranine to double stranded RNA polynucleotides. J Photochem Photobiol B. Kabir A, Suresh Kumar G. Targeting double-stranded RNA with spermine, 1-naphthylacetyl spermine and spermidine: a comparative biophysical investigation. J Phys Chem B. Das A, Suresh Kumar G.

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Characterization and evaluation of a peptide-based siRNA delivery system in vitro. Drug Deliv Transl Res. Pest Manag Sci. Cholesterol-based cationic liposome increases dsRNA protection of yellow head virus infection in Penaeus vannamei. J Biotechnol. Inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum proliferation in vitro by double-stranded RNA nanoparticle against malaria topoisomerase II. Christau, and M. Soleiman, Brill. Pittman, jun. Narita, J. Khachatryan, A. Torgomyan, M.

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Ovakimyan, and M. Indzhikyan, Armyon. Corey and D. Chan, Tetrahedron Letters, , The kinetically controlled reactions of the -acylvinylphosphoniumsalts with 2-aminopyridine lead to the salts ; similar reactions occur with 2-aminopyrimidine and cytosine. Under conditions where thermodynamic control prevails, the salts are formed predominantly, resulting from a Dimroth rzarrangement of lM.

Ivancsics and E. Zbiral, Annalen, , Flitsch and E.