A Very Merry Hockey Holiday (Assassins, Book 6.5)

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Making a face, Vaughn crouched down and took ahold of the fence as the little girl wiggled in excitement.

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She wanted to come through the fence. He could feel her eagerness, especially when she started to lick his hands, her eyes telling, or better yet, begging him to take her home. The little three-legged dog was his from the moment he saw her.

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She licked his nose before letting out the sweetest little bark, and Vaughn was hooked. Standing up, he clapped his hands together. The lady, who obviously had never seen a game of hockey a day in her life, nodded happily.

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Vaughn blinked in dismay, but then, what did he expect? There was no way in hell he was going to prison for this jailbait, so that was his cue to get his dog and bounce. Rolling his eyes once more, he looked back at his new girl and smiled. The fact that she had no clue what he was speaking of was all over her face as she only nodded.

Laces and Lace (Assassins Series #6)

Vaughn wanted to cry. The poor youth of the world.

He might as well have told her the answer to the greatest unsolved math problem in the world, because she was more lost than the three blind mice. Smiling, he shot her a wink.

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Rolling her eyes before popping her gum, she turned for the front. Letting out a long breath, she nodded before reaching for her keys, which made Tricksie jump to the best of her ability and howl louder.

Holding on to her overactive little body, Vaughn laughed as he stood, kissing her head. Fortunately, there are… Read more. Heather November 27, 0 Holiday.

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Sarah November 24, 0 Holiday , Tis the Season Holiday , Tis the Season Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying this week with your family and loved ones! This week we have another great line up of holiday books in honor of the holiday season…. Sarah November 19, 0 Holiday , Tis the Season This week I have definitely been feeling the winter chill…and not in a good way! While wintertime is the time for Merry Christmas carols, tidings of good cheer, hot cocoa, snowmen which my youngest daughter seems particularly enamored with this… Read more.

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