Man vs. Markets: Economics Explained (Plain and Simple)

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I was certainly happier and more fulfilled. So I quit my job.

I gave myself six months. I applied for a place on a Crime Writing course at the Banff Center in Alberta, and committed to proceed according to what the instructors there thought of me. Not all of it, mind you.


But they gave me direction and impetus, and with their wind in my sails, I wrote like a man possessed for the next six months. At which point I needed representation.

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My Man vs Markets agent was non-fiction only, so it was time to craft a query letter and brace for a barrage of rejection letters. And then, I got lucky. A friend made a recommendation, I sent 50 pages of a novel entitled Raising the Wind , and the next thing I knew, I was wrapped in the warm embrace of the DeFiore agency. And here we are! Paddy Hirsch is a journalist, broadcaster, online host and now a fiction writer. He has worked in every journalistic medium, and in a variety of countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Here is an illuminating, insightful, and wonderfully witty journey of discovery through the often confusing financial markets, offering clear, relatable explanations and definitions of the system's various instruments, yet less simplistically than the popular Markets is a must-listen handbook for everyday investors, serious students of finance and economics, and everyone who wants to understand what they're reading when they open their newspapers to the business section.

PADDY HIRSCH reads from his debut novel THE DEVIL'S HALF MILE | Skylight Books

I wish every high school student could hear this, just to get a decent start understanding our market economy, banking, regulation, and related topics. I have taught business law in a similar style for many years, and was for a time a trial lawyer, requiring similar skills. While plenty of this is obvious to me, I was yet pleasantly surprised from time to time throughout it, by elegantly simple images clarifying a concept. Imagine water passing from tanks into a kids' pool to explain the banking system, money supply and liquidity; and a pyramid of champagne glasses catching pouring champagne, sequentially, to explain tranches in a CDO.

Likewise, we get a clear depiction of the web of derivatives and other interconnected deals enmeshing the banks as the '08 crisis unfolded. I am a fan of having a good simple starter image, the mind can readily grasp, and upon which a more advanced understanding can be built. Missing this elementary stage often slows my learning process.

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Man Vs. Markets : Economics Explained Plain and Simple (Original) [Paperback]

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